Day 1
04 Jan 2020
Day 2
05 Jan 2020

Proprietary Trading

Using Non linear products to produce linear returns Alpha through non linear strategies
Mr. Srikanth Iyengar


Details to be uploaded soon…
Mr. Sushil Kedia

Indian Derivatives

Details to be uploaded soon…
Mr. Ashish Chauhan

Turning Uncertainty and Fear into Opportunity: Making option theory and implied volatility tradable with Tom Sosnoff

Understanding IVR Strategies for different levels of IV Advanced portfolio diversification Extrinsic premium overstatement Optimal deltas for strategic probabilities Trade small / Trade Often
Mr. Tom Sosnoff

How to be Ahead of the Crowd in Identifying Momentum in Single Options

Understanding Set-Ups that cause the Multifold move in Options Multi Factor Analysis to be Ahead of the Crowd Optimal Trade Selection
Mr. Shubham Agarwal
Mr. Bhavin Desai

Trading Bank Nifty Expiry Effectively

Identifying the Sweet Spot for Execution Deploying the Best Suited Strategy Selecting Optimal Strikes for Execution
Mr. Santosh Pasi

Monetizing Option Greeks

How Theta and Vega along with Gamma affects the Option Premiums Understanding interrelationship of the Greeks How to Profit from these Interrelationships
Mr. Rajesh Baheti
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